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Cole Ruckstuhl

Flight Instructor – CFI / CFII / MEI (Airplane)

Advanced & Instrument Ground Instructor (AIGI)

Commercial Single–Engine Land

Commercial Multi–Engine Land

I′m a first-generation pilot who developed a passion for flying when I was seven years old. My childhood dream was to become an airline pilot, so I enrolled in a Private Pilot ground school when I graduated high school in 2005. After successfully completing my Private Pilot Knowledge test, one thing led to another and I never ended up starting my flight training… that is, until 2020 (16 years later). In the meantime, I earned my B.S. in Business Administration — Finance (2011) and my B.S. in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics (2017) from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. I am a full-time Software Engineer for the U.S. Geological Survey and have 7 years of experience in Public Relations.

After decades of dreaming about flying, I earned my Private Pilot Certificate and Instrument Rating in late 2020. But that wasn′t the end of the road for me. My passion, motivation, and dedication to learning flourished throughout the first half of 2021. I flew every chance I could to meet my goal of becoming a Commercial Pilot by the end of the year.

In September 2021, I earned my Commercial Pilot certificate, Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) certificate, and Certificated Flight Instructor — Instrument (CFII). In 2023, I added Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI) to my instructor certificate. In addition to my flight certificates, I also hold an Advanced & Instrument Ground Instructor certificate and a Remote Pilot certificate. I am passionate about aviation and strive to share that passion with potential aviators and seasoned aviators alike. I am excited to help others discover their path in aviation and help them succeed in their aviation goals!

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